Sports & Events

The sports industry has grown significantly over the last 10 years, resulting in changes in cost and revenue structures. Nonetheless, opportunities abound, not only for clubs and federations, but also for public bodies and surrounding communities. To compete in the sports industry, business sophistication is essential, and all stakeholders can benefit from high-level consultancy when navigating these complex environments.

What we do

Revenue maximization

  • Exploitation of all possible revenue streams, including ticketing, media rights, sponsorship marketing and tours, merchandising, e-marketing, and hospitality, meetings and events

International events

  • Shifting from an event-management focus to a more holistic approach that contemplates post-event benefits can allow the event’s positive impact to reverberate for years

Sport destinations

  • We help produce economic value for investors and operators, but also social, cultural and environmental benefits for the surrounding communities

Brand development

  • Opportunities abound for sports with a global appeal, but consumer and sponsor interests must be reconciled, creating partnerships advantageous to all stakeholders

Product innovation

  • We build upon existing strengths by complementing them with new ideas: leisure and retail concepts, organizational change and cost control, and media management